Shoulder injury

I, as of 15 years ago, did not believe in acupuncture, only due to inexperience. At a particular point, my chiropractor recommended it for my shoulder injury due to excessive volleyball play. My shoulder was so bad that I couldn t lift my arm to serve the ball. So after visiting with an acupuncturist, twice a week for two weeks, my shoulder was 100%, like it never happened. Ever since that time, I added acupuncture to my team of holistic healers. IE Chiropractor, acupuncturist, masseuse/rolfing and bio merdian therapy. It took some time to find the right combination of people to be my health care providers….Rebecca is certainly one of them.

Rebecca is AMAZING!!! There wasn t a time where her expertise did not resolve an ailment that my body endured due to all of the sports activity in my life. There needs to be level of comfort and trust between heath care providers and patients, which always difficult to find, but I found that with Rebecca. There isn t another therapist that I would recommend to take care of my health needs than Rebecca.

Evergreen, CO