Physical, emotional and spiritual well being

“Massage is such a healthy thing one can do for their physical, emotional and spiritual well being and a massage from Becky is the ultimate! Becky is very professional. She always asks if you have any trouble areas but even if you don’t she knows just what to do. And she’s totally quiet so you can focus on fully relaxing.

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Finally able to quit smokeless tobacco

“Rebecca Pearson, I am writing today to thank you for my acupuncture treatment. As a long time user of smokeless tobacco, I was certain I could not quit this habit without help. Like most others, I had tried to quit many times. All with negative outcomes. With your treatment I was finally able to quit smokeless tobacco once and for

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“Becky is a thorough and compassionate practitioner. I see her for both acupuncture and massage. She brings calming energy to all of the treatments she provides. She didn’t hesitate to research specific treatments for my issue (originally infertility and I just had a baby!) and I continue to work with her on overall wellness.”
Rachel. Evergreen, CO